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10 Free SEO Marketing Tools for Successful Digital Marketing

10 Free SEO Marketing Tools for Successful Digital Marketing

For successful digital marketing, it is important to have knowledge about the compatible and competitive digital marketing tools that can greatly help with winning the SEO game. There are various free SEO marketing tools that are helpful for building SEO-friendly websites, content, and digital marketing strategies. These tools are crucial for the digital transformation of a website or business and also for gaining better online reach, visibility, and search engine results page ranking. 

Reliable digital marketing agencies in Seattle efficiently use high-end free SEO marketing tools to help their clients beat their competitors through robust digital marketing and SEO strategies. So, here we have enlisted the 10 best and free SEO marketing tools that are essentially vital for a successful and transformative digital marketing campaign. 

  • Google Analytics 4

It is undoubtedly the best SEO Marketing tool available in the market, it offers the digital marketing agencies in Seattle the most detailed and diverse approach to universal analytics. It offers the following powerful functions:

  • Collection of web and app-based data
  • The preferred use of even-based data
  • Privacy control
  • Data-based predictions
  • Easy integration with other platforms

  • Semrush

It is a popular tool among digital marketers and SEO strategists. It is mostly renowned for conducting a thorough and effective competitive analysis. However, it is used by digital marketing agencies in Seattle for performing other SEO marketing functions like, 

  • Keyword research
  • Site audits
  • Backlink tracking
  • Getting comprehensive insights about online visibility

All in all, Semrush is an overall tool that helps a digital marketing company in Seattle streamline its online marketing processes. 

  • Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is often considered by the best SEO agency in Seattle as the best all-around SEO marketing tool. It is the most compatible tool for the on-page optimization of WordPress blogs. This tool also helps in optimizing the content with the most relevant keywords to make the content and meta-data as SEO-friendly as possible. 

  • SpyFu

It is the right tool if you want to keep an eye on the digital marketing strategies and activities of your competitors. This tool helps you track the statistics and performance of your competitors on the online platforms to help you stay ahead of them in every aspect. It saves you from manually tracking other companies and does the job for you in minimal time.

  • Google Trends

As the name suggests, Google Trends is a popular SEO marketing tool meant for searching the most trending topics related to a specific niche or industry. It not only helps a digital marketing company in Seattle find the topics with the highest search interests but also helps you track the popularity of the topic over time. This tool also helps in checking the relevance of a topic that you are planning to write about. 

  • Google Keyword Planner

In order to find the right set of keywords that can make your website or content rank on search engines, you need to rely on Google Keyword Planner. You can not only find the most trending keywords but also access their search volumes, competitiveness, and other statistical data. This tool provides reliable data with optimum accuracy. 

  • Google Search Console

It is one of the best free tools offered by Google for digital marketing. It keeps you updated about the performance of your website, by letting you track the statistical data. Google Search Console can keep you updated about

  • Search analytics data
  • Performance of the links that direct the visitors to your site
  • Performance of the internal links
  • Mobile usability and compatibility of the website, etc.

  • Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest also counts as one of the most efficient free SEO tools for digital marketing. It can help a digital marketing company in Seattle with the following functions: 

  • Finding the most relevant as well as non-competitive keywords. 
  • Acquiring highly effective content ideas. 
  • Uncovering backlink data
  • Tracking the SEO and digital marketing strategy of the competitors.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights

For those who know the importance of page speed in SEO and digital marketing for achieving web search rankings, Google Page Speed Insights would be a highly helpful tool. It would help you optimize the page speed of the website and make your site faster by providing the following information:

  • Assessment of the website’s core web vitals
  • Loopholes in the performance of the website
  • Accessibility of the website
  • Website’s associated SEO score, and more. 

  • AnswerThePublic

If you want the most relevant and most searched topics for your upcoming blogs and articles you can seek the assistance of AnswerThePublic. This tool helps you get the most searched phrases, terms, and keywords related to any topic so that you can use it for your next blog or article and make your content rank on the search engine pages. 


The tools mentioned in this blog are efficiently used by digital marketing agencies in Seattle to fetch competitive results for their clients and customers. CodeAdapt ensures the use of the best tools, technologies, and practices to craft high-end SEO strategies for their clients that enhance their online presence and saleability. So, if you also want your business or website to be on top of the SEO game, team up with CodeAdapt to leverage the optimum benefits of these high-end SEO marketing tools.




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