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How Blockchain is Used in Digital Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

How Blockchain is Used in Digital Marketing A Comprehensive Guide

The underlying technology of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, is creating a lot of buzz in almost every industry, spanning from banking to HR, and the digital marketing landscape cannot be overlooked. Blockchain technology in the realm of digital marketing offers a plethora of perks. It starts with increased transparency, improved security, and better accessibility to the data and monetary flow. This technology has significantly mutually benefited both businesses by ensuring that they don’t have to squander big dollars on Ad campaigns, enhancing the consumer experience. With this technology, consumers are empowered to own & sell their data directly to businesses. Read on to explain how Blockchain technology can be a game-changer in digital marketing.

#1 Improving Marketing & Ad Campaigns

The biggest reason that compels a digital marketing agency in Seattle to incorporate Blockchain technology into their digital marketing strategy is that it improves how marketing & digital campaigns are run. How? The reason is that now it is possible to link merchants with marketers, ensuring data transparency, more clicks & interactions, deterring fraying, and eventually getting rid of the intermediaries. Often, the data obtained from Ad campaigns are not 100% true, thereby impacting the ROI of the campaign. This is where Blockchain technology comes into play by letting a digital marketing company in Seattle monitor the campaign in real-time and obtain trustworthy metrics. So many globally-renowned brands, such as Unilever, rely on Blockchain technology to drive better results from their digital Ad spending.

#2  Establishing Trust & Credibility

Another primary reason Blockchain technology is widely debated for the future of digital marketing is because it can securely certify, store & share data with several third parties, eventually ensuring trust. As we all know, it is challenging for any new small business to make a mark in an input that existing players dominate. However, with the power of Blockchain technology, these small businesses will be empowered to prove where their products are coming from and show their supply chain to prospective leads to become their customers.

#3 Eliminate Click Fraud

Communication is paramount when informing clients about the latest updates regarding your products/services. However, over the past decade, the importance of online businesses has raised eyebrows because of numerous fraud campaigns & scandals popping up in the news headlines now and then. Popularly known as click fraud, this fraudulent activity has become quite popular with the increasing demand for online sponsored searches in this digital epoch. However, this is a big crime as it is a severe act of manipulating the AD budget of the market rivals. Click fraud can significantly hurt any business to the point where it can become bankrupt.

This is where the role of Blockchain technology becomes so crucial, as it ensures that marketers work in an open & shared environment, with each business doing its marketing activities with complete integrity and diligence. The whole idea is not only to build a healthier space for marketers where new innovative ideas are fostered. Ultimately, this could lead to the end of click fraud, allowing each business to concentrate on its activities and build a strong brand. So, it is best to go with a blockchain-geared digital marketing firm in Seattle to enjoy these perks.

#4 Improve Privacy

Privacy has been a big concern in digital marketing, affecting individual decisions, and Blockchain is the only technology to deal with it effectively. Even though the Blockchain network verifies each transaction on the Blockchain ledger, nobody knows the details of the parties involved. The transaction history over the Blockchain network is protected through a robust system that cannot be manipulated, therefore enchanting the user’s privacy to a great extent. With Blockchain technology, users will have more control of their digital footprints. Also, consumers can securely sell their PTI for any brand for some incentives.

To boil down, the anonymity factor with Blockchain technology ensures that parties’ data in the network remain anonymous and protected. Some critics believe this will influence marketing badly; however, that’s not true. Blockchain will allow users to share their data with the brands they choose. Therefore, anonymity will put the command back into the hands of the users, which is not the case in the current marketing setup.

#5 Better Security

Data security has been another concern for both buyers and sellers online. Although the ECommerce sector has invested heavily to ensure security, breaches are still common. Here, those looking to sell their stuff and those looking to buy are concerned about the security of their personal & financial data. Now comes Blockchain technology to the rescue. Since this technology has been developed on the principles of cryptography, it ensures improved security protocols in digital marketing. The Blockchain marketing strategies implemented by companies offering seo services in seattle can deal with the security threats posing significant threats to marketing campaigns. Additionally, brands benefited from other key features of Blockchain technology, such as digital signature, asymmetric encryption, and access control. All these key security elements play a critical role in protecting the customer data involved during transferring, storing, and retrieving.


How Is Blockchain Technology Being Used in Marketing?

The answer is simple: this technology can add networks to eliminate the intermediaries. In addition, this technology interacts with the ad in real time to combat any fraudulent activity. This open ledger lets businesses quickly identify wasteful clicks through bots.

How is Blockchain Technology Going to Improve Marketing?

Blockchain technology puts the power back into the hands of the consumers by providing them with control of their data. They can now sell their data to the brands they feel safe with and, in return, get rewards.

How does Blockchain Technology Will Influence Consumer Behaviour?

Blockchain technology has immense potential to positively alter consumer behaviour through consumer-centric benefits such as improved privacy & security and increased data transparency. Also, this technology enables brands to create loyal consumer programs that offer them great value.

What’s your thought on Blockchain technology and the future of digital marketing? Do let us know via the comment section below; our readers love to hear their thoughts and personal experiences.

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