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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Stay Ahead Of The Curve

5 Digital Marketing Trends And How To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Being the result-oriented and competitive domain that it is, digital marketing keeps evolving with the emergence of new trends, technologies, and algorithms. These trends also change according to the shift in the likes and behavior of the target audiences. To stay ahead in the marketing game, businesses and every digital marketing agency in Seattle must remain aware and updated about the latest digital marketing trends. 

Here we are discussing the 7 latest and the most yielding digital marketing trends that are vital to scoring better results and outcomes from any digital marketing campaign. 

1. Video Marketing 

The popularity of videos has increased by huge margins, and they have become the most consumed content form in recent years. The prevalence of short videos and other video content formats has made it a powerful marketing tool to reach a massive audience range and yield fantastic marketing results. Video marketing instantly boosts the reach, image, and sales of a brand. Brands generally prefer seeking the assistance of an expert digital marketing agency in Seattle, like CodeAdapt, to leverage the optimum benefits of video marketing. 

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has come up as the most efficient and influential marketing strategy. A well-planned influencer marketing strategy can easily fetch long-term results for a brand. Brands are increasingly investing in nano influencers as they have massive influence over the choices and buying decisions of a wide range of viewers and customers. They have created for themselves a highly loyal and engaged viewership among social media users. 

3. Voice Search and Smart Assistants

The tremendous increase in the use of voice search features and voice assistants has developed the necessity for long-tail keywords along with interactive and conversational SEO content to have a wide range of visibility across all platforms and formats of the internet. The content also needs to be optimized according to the voice search algorithms. An expert digital marketing agency in Seattle like CodeAdapt holds exceptional competence in curating outstanding voice assistant SEO strategies. 

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

There is no need to emphasize the use and relevance of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in this digital era. AI chatbots have now become a part of every business page and website. They increase the mutual accessibility between the brands and their customers and increase their connectivity with each other. All in all, good use of AI can work wonders for enhancing the image and reach of a brand and help it drive better sales. 

5. Commercialization of Social Media Platforms

It has been a long since social media platforms evolved from interactive platforms to commercial sites. They have ads, click baits, referral links, connecting links, and more that help a business drive sales, win customers, and make profits through a social media site. It is also predicted that driving sales through social media platforms will remain a digital marketing strategy that will be used by every digital marketing agency in Seattle for a long time. 


These digital marketing trends will help you make a lead ahead of your competitors. CodeAdapt, the leading digital marketing agency in Seattle, has gained unbeatable efficiency in conducting result-oriented and successful digital marketing campaigns. They use the most latest, effective, and competitive digital marketing strategies to provide their clients with the best possible results and outcomes. 



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